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Our Methodology

Our Virtual English Class Methodology: Learning in an Interactive and Personalized Way

At our virtual English school, we focus on breaking the vicious cycle of simply filling out exercise books and instead innovate to offer you a unique learning experience. Our classes are 100% live, providing the opportunity to interact with both the teacher and your classmates through the Zoom platform.

To ensure that your learning is effective and adapted to your needs, we have dynamic, digital, practical and interactive Canadian material. This material allows us to customize each of the classes according to your individual requirements or those of your group. We believe in learning through the process itself, without the need for exams. We foster an environment of trust, where you can ask questions without fear and practice safely.

In our methodology, motivation is a fundamental pillar. We strive to maintain a stimulating environment that inspires you to make mistakes in order to improve. We believe that learning should be a pleasant experience, so we focus on making you enjoy the process of acquiring new language skills.

Our teaching is based on examples that generate easy recall, which facilitates your understanding and retention of the content. We value active practice and provide multiple opportunities for you to apply what you have learned in real communication situations.

In summary, our virtual English classes stand out for being interactive, personalized and motivating. We are committed to offering you a dynamic and enriching learning experience, where you feel safe to participate, make mistakes and achieve your language goals.

Join our virtual English classes and discover a new way of learning that breaks the traditional schemes!

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