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Daniel Valencia "Chapter 1"

Actualizado: 8 sept 2021

Chapter one

On a rainy night Jaime a private detective was going to a remote farm to investigate a case. In this farm lives Naty, a farmer, the detective knows what awaits for him so he goes with an assistant, an unemployed homeless man who agreed to help him in exchange for a cheese burger.

While they were arriving there was already another person at the farm NIKI a reporter sure that the farm was hiding a mystery that the owner did not want to reveal. Jaime and his partner arrived at the farm and knocked loudly on the door, a guy with a burned face and sunglasses opened saying to leave, meanwhile false pictures were seen and were being wrapped in the background, this seemed suspicious to our detective and he entered to realize all the replicas that had been sold in recent years.

Without thinking he arrested him and he took his car but what Jaime, our detective, did not know was that the money from the paintings was being laundered by Carolina an excellent English teacher connected to a mafia. A few hours later Jaime received a call from Carolina saying that she had his daughter Yeimi…

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I don´t understand very good the paper of Daniel but I think that in the next chapter he will be a key piece

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