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Jaime Gonzalez "Chapter 1, 2 and 3"

Actualizado: 18 sept 2021

First Chapter

I'm investigating a woman's disappearance. She is a gangster's wife

And my investigations have carried me to suspect about an English teacher and a veterinarian woman.


Because the English teacher has a lot of money. Maybe, she is being sponsored by the gangster.

But the veterinarian made different jobs whit the exotic animals for the gangster and she is jealous for the gangster's wife life style.

This is the story.

Last July 10, The gangster's wife supposedly went to Daniel's gallery to buy a famous replicas of a Dali's picture, but she never arrived to the gallery.

The next day, the gangster called me for the investigation. My first steep, was to talk with Daniel about the gangster's wife. He knew that she wanted to get divorced, because she suspected the gangster, had a relationship with other woman.

I investigated about this mysterious woman and I discovered the gangster had two very close women in his life. The first, an English teacher and second a veterinarian that worked for him.

I discovered too, that a journalist was investigating the financial statement from the teacher's school. The journalist believed she has been laundering money for the gangster.

I needed to know more about the gangster's wife. I wanted to talk with Daniel again. In my second visit to the gallery, I observed a particular guy on the street. A homeless guy. I bought an excellent sandwich and prepared a few dollars. Maybe, this guy saw something the day of the disappearance.

Leon, the homeless guy, told me about July 10 in the gallery's street. That street, is Leon’s operation center. He is always there. But before, he told me about his life. When he was a young man, he was an actor in the theater and, while Leon reached the fame, he sank more until one day, lost his work, his wife, his money and took the gallery's street for making money interpreting different characters...

Second chapter...

When I went back to my office, Leon spin my head. The gangster's wife was in the gallery. Someone was lying to me and I needed to know why. I didn't go to the gallery. Maybe Daniel is involved too.

I needed to think in different possibilities. Who had reasons for disappear the gangster’s wife?

The list was large and everybody has a reason. And if...

If there was more than one people involved? If I was looking for in a wrong way? I decided come back over my steps.

If the information of Leon was true, I couldn't to trust no one.

Talk with the gangster wasn't trustworthy. Maybe, He was the person with more reasons for be free. Then, I thought investigate something the history about him. But who knew the gangsters' secrets? The police? Were there trustworthy?

In the town, there are polices with bad name. Then, if I asked the wrong cop, the gangster would know immediately.

The solution? The library. The newspapers. Maybe, in the past news, it could something clue.

After four hours seeing newspapers, I read an article in the most hide column in the most charlatan town daily written by the most unfamiliar journalist. This article, had an interesting information about stranger financial dealings in the language school. Only one man can support a bankrupt enterprise in the town and convert it in the most important school in the state.

I should to talk with Niki. Like this was signed the article

Third Chapter


It wasn't difficult finding Niki. In the town, the suburbs are beautiful, the houses with a Victorian style, are perfect for people with money and important jobs like doctors, CEOs, and etc. But in my search about Niki, I find that is she and no he. My first error with Niki and It will not be the last.

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Excellent history and I want to know more about the Detective.


That's interesenting!


Aug 28, 2021

I can't wait to read more 🤩

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