Jhon Luengas "Chapter 1 and 2"

Actualizado: 19 sept 2021

First Chapter

I studied engineering, but my living conditions are very high, so I decided to become a gangster. I deal Trululu gummies in Bogotá's city, one of the most addictive gummies in Colombia. This is a risky job, because there are a lot of people addicted to the gummies and I've a lot of competition -the neighbors in the stores-. So, to become the most powerful gangster, I sell a unique product: Trululu gummies with liquid filling.

Actually, I've a problem: My wife disappeared, I don't know what happened to her. Since a few weeks ago, she isn't answering her cell phone. I think one of the neighbors from other gangs kidnapped her, because I was ruining their gummy business and the addicts from other neighborhoods were buying from me.

I have considered to hire an investigator, so he can tell me what happened to my wife. Right now he is suspecting of an English teacher and a veterinarian; both belong to one of the enemy neighborhoods. Coincidence? I don't think so!

Chapter 2:

Where is she?

Several weeks have passed and the English teacher who kidnapped my wife is still extorting me. She kidnapped my wife and cornered Jaime, the investigator that I hired to look for her: She also kidnapped her daughter, Yeimy. According to the situation, I've decided to contact members of other crews, such as Boliqueso's crew, Glacita's cartel and other highly addictive products. I suppose that if I propose them a good business of cat-sheep trafficking, they'll surely help me.

On the other hand, employing Jaime as a detective has turned out to be a bad decision for me. He made an alliance with another investigator, called Nicol, who has been keeping on every move I've made.

I've to be careful... I just want my wife back!

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