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Nicol Pineda First 5 Chapters

First Chapter

After investigating a little more I discovered that Jaime can be a good ally because he knows about investigation, I feel that maybe Leon could be an undercover agent in this story, when we are going to start with a case because he fits the profile and so he could win something of money, at the moment Daniel and Nati are just ordinary people, but I will be very aware. On the other hand Carolina hasn't shown that she is bad but something doesn't fit me, in fact, these are the bank accounts that she has been managing in recent months...

Second Chapter

But soon a new member will arrive, her name is Yeimy apparently she is a normal neighbor, but what people don't know is that she works with me doing investigations into very important private cases, we all win them and now she will be my key record.

Third Chapter

Everything seemed to be going well, she was taking a vacation since the town was at peace, until the disappearance of one of our neighbors arrived, nobody knows what happened to her, but what we do know is that her husband was the famous Gangster John , We think it is a kind of revenge towards him, that is why together with Yeimy we started a small investigation and we discovered that Jhon was a gummy dealer, everything begins to take an interesting course, I will need Jaime's help for this case.

Fourth Chapter

Jaime and I decided to conduct a private interview with Jhon but apparently he is not willing to cooperate, he only left a clear clue, he told us that he would do everything he could to recover his wife and find those responsible, he told us that his main suspects They were Nati and Carolina since they belonged to one of the enemy neighborhoods, but the question is, why would they want to kidnap John’s wife?

Fifth Chapter

A new neighbor has arrived in the city, apparently it is a very well-known portrait copy, but in my opinion he has other plans in mind, I had the opportunity to find him in the market, in his purchases there were knives, ropes, latex gloves, black belt and many volumes of garbage, all this caught my attention since it is the modus operandi of many murderers, that is why right now my eyes are on him, what objectives will our famous painter have? I don't know, but I do know that will be very guarded.

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