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Jimena Cortés "Chapter 1"

Actualizado: 8 sept 2021

First Chapter

I'm Naty Parker the best Veterinarian of my city, I can't believe that there are people who like to hunt animals, and earn money with this, that's why I enjoy killing those people. I always do the same with my victims who are usually men, let me tell you..... Once upon a time there was a hunter named Leon who loved to hunt little while kittens and this made me angry then I invited him to drink a cup of coffee and put poison in it, and he died, immediately after I called my best friend Yeimi and she helped me to destroy his body.

After this incident I have been the same, but one day two people Niky and James arrived to my farm but I didn't known that she was a journalist and he was a detective and I tried to show them animals to adopt but instead, they asked me a lot of questions about a homeless guy that was my boyfriend, we made a romantic movie, however someone stole that movie from us.

Later I discovered that Niki was in love with Leon and she was the one that stole that movie, because in it you could see that the grass on my farm was removed, when my boyfriend and I were lying down in the grass and Daniel made a painting of us. I felt he was leering me! I had many troubles because of that, but my best friend Yeimi told me about an English teacher who was laundering money and had too much cash in order to help me to solve my problems bribing many people...

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Leon Velasco
Leon Velasco
Aug 31, 2021

Jimena, why did u kill me?

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